Old Montreal - rue Saint Jacques 2016-04-09

  I felt lately as if my photography was lacking, not that I wasn't getting good photos, but there was something more than the overall building I was photographing. This week, and I have watched it before, I watched a video on KelbyOne callled Another Day with Jay Maisel, a legendary photographer in his own time. I watched it, and as usual I picked up a lot of pointers but one thing that Jay said was he was a telephoto shooter, and that he liked to photograph the details of what drew him to where he was shooting. Well for a little over a year now I have pretty much only shot with the ultra wide angle, 11-16mm lens I bought last Christmas, so I thought about changing it up and putting on my telephoto zoom 18-200mm and see what I could get. I found what drew me to the buildings and what kept me coming back.

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