Oak Hall Mansion - Niagara Falls

  Formerly owned by the mining magnate Sir Harry Oakes, built in the 1920's, and now the upstairs is the offices of the the Niagara Parks Commission. The lower floor is open to public tours and still original. Funny story, on the last day of our vacation, I found this place on the internet and thought wow an old mansion to photograph the interior, cool. So we drive there park the car and my wife waits in the car while I go ask if if can photograph the bottom rooms with my camera and tripod. Boy that raised a flag, a called was placed upstairs, who they then had me reply to on a phone in the reception area, after being told that meetings were soon to commence on that floor I assured the woman that I would only be 5 minutes, I ran back to the car gathered my camera and tripod, and my wife and I proceeded to photograph three of the rooms that were open to the public, then the exterior and left quite contented.

© · John Dabarno Photography