Écomusée du fier Monde 2016-02-20

  It was raining and not so cold today, once again in my quest for photographing architecture I found the Écomusée du fier Monde. In the 1920's it was the Genereux public bath and was a magnificent building. It represents the community it is in and the industrial revolution with in it today, as a museum. There are many examples of past history, a hand wash tub, block ice refrigerator, and many other, it was very interesting. Today the bath pool is covered in beautiful wood flooring but you can still see the sides in ceramic with the length measurements the full length of the pool. Unfortunately due to the fact that some of the artwork there is protected by copyright I am only able to show the foll0wing photos. I suggest you see it for yourself, it was very enjoyable.

© · John Dabarno Photography