Walk-Maisonneuve O. east of Metcalfe 11/28/2015

  Boy does the sun go down early now, got to get out earlier to do my shoots. Last Saturday, I am writing this a week later, I went to check out the buildings old & new along Maisonneuve St. O. east of Metcalfe and after finding parking it was already 3:00 pm. At that point there is only barely an hour before the sun sets around 4:15 pm, So I set out walking and taking photos, and in no time at all it was dark. I got some, mostly newer buildings, and went into Cours Mont Royal and took an indoor HDR. They had this array of lights flashing different colours for Christmas that looked like a roller coaster, they are a little hard to see though amongst all the other activity.

© · John Dabarno Photography