Place des Arts and Peel Metro's

I get MTLBlog posts by email during the week with what is happening around Montreal, where to get the best of ______ whatever it may be, coffee, onion rings, etc. So I happened to see on one of them photos from different Montreal metros and the different types of art at particular stations. So I headed out by car and parked near Place des Arts Metro, I took a couple of photos nearby, got a coffee at Tim Horton's, and then headed into the metro, and found the first two shots. Then I got on the subway and got off at Peel metro, where I read there were, I believe 54 ceramic circles on the walls and floors throughout the station. I didn't seek them all out but rather shot a few different ones at different entrances into the station. Next I hopped on the subway to go back to my car, and when I came out at Place des Festival, I saw all these triangular shapes with different coloured lights in them, slowly spinning, and that is the final photo. The first photo is painted on the facade of a building, taken on an angle, of some graffiti that has been there for as long as I can remember back to when I was a kid.

© · John Dabarno Photography