View of Montreal from The Olympic Tower at Sunset

I went to the Olympic Tower on August 30, 2014 in hopes of catching the sunset and getting some nice shots of Montreal and the area around the Olympic Tower. Little did I know that it was packed with tourists, busloads, but I was told to push through them and there was another line of individuals beyond the groups. I had to wait for the funicular to go up three times before it was my turn. Once I got up I ran to the closest window set up my tripod and started shooting and then moved on to the other viewing areas. It was quite busy up there but I managed to get a spot to setup everywhere I went to see another area. What a view, as I continued around the different viewing areas, the sun slowly descended and I began to see that beautiful orange light of sunset. I got a lot of great shots, only to be disappointed when I got home and started processing the raw files to see how filthy some of those windows were, so I had to scrap a lot of the photos, or crop out the bad sections of some otherwise decent shots. Below is a great shot of the sunset sky looking North, just click on it to open the gallery and see the rest of the photos, enjoy.

© · John Dabarno Photography