Mount Royal - Timelapse Photos

Ok, this is my first attempts at time-lapse photography, I learned about it watching a course on KelbyOne by Tom Bols. So yesterday I went to Mount Royal (Montreal) because the clouds were moving at a good rate, there was detail in the sky and of course a beautiful view of downtown Montreal. I arrived there at 4:30pm approximately and it started to rain, rather than give up and head home I decided to wait out the rain, well at 10 to 5:00 it slowed to a very light drizzle and by 5:00pm had stopped. I got out of the car, payed for parking and headed up to the lookout by the chalet. I got set up with my tripod, the first video, the clouds, consists of 100 images taken at 9 second intervals over a period of 15 minutes, the second video of traffic/people moving also consists of 100 images taken at 3 second intervals over a 5 minute period. Below are Youtube videos, you can view them here small or you can click on the title of the video and it will take you to Youtube to view a larger one or you can switch to full screen from there, enjoy.

© · John Dabarno Photography