Westmount - Archecture near Sherbrooke St. & Lansdowne St.

Finally, a warmer day to get outside shooting photos yesterday, it wasn't sunny but I'll take that over cold and snow any day. I went to Westmount, first stop, and got photos of the nearby church, the Westmount Library, some old apartment buildings that had names on some of them, pretty cool, and also a photo of the columns at the YMCA of Westmount. From there I went to de Maisonneuve and parked right next to the old Forum, there were some colourful old buildings there. While shooting the photos, I was asked twice why i was taking pictures, first by a store owner thinking I worked for the city and was taking pictures for new construction. The other by a middle aged couple, the man asked why i was taking pictures, he had made a bet with his wife I was taking pictures of the architecture, and that was my answer, so he told his wife she owed him five dollars, enjoy.

© · John Dabarno Photography