Weather clearing today.

It's been cold in Montreal lately except for this weekend, Saturday the sky was flat gray, but today, Sunday, I began to see the sun. I got ready quickly and headed out with camera and tripod and headed toward downtown. I was lucky and got parking on Saint Catherine street in front of Place Montreal Trust, I got my gear out, connected my remote control receiver, put my rain cover in my pocket and started to walk in search of some interesting architecture. I will show my last shot first, boy am I lucky I stuck that rain cover in my pocket. Shown below, my last HDR shots, I just finished setting up my camera on the tripod and all of a sudden it started to snow/hail lightly as I began shooting it really started hailing snow. I rushed to get my last shot, because the hail was really coming hard, I picked up my tripod and camera and ran for cover just in time. All of a sudden the wind began to blow and the hail was coming down hard and then a large crack of thunder, which I have never heard in the winter. What looks like noise in the photo is the hail.

© · John Dabarno Photography