Rue St Jacques & Sq. Victoria - 12-03-2016

  I went shooting photos today near Square Victoria, great area for architecture, and part of Old Montreal. I don't usually have to walk far to get tons of shots just because there is so much intricate artwork on the buildings.

Sainte Catherine & Sanguinet - 2016-11-26

A lot of great architecture, some graffiti and great just to walk around. It has been raining lately but got in some shots while it wasn't.

Downtown-Lambert Closse to Guy 2016-11-19

  I went for a walk Saturday, it was cool but nice, downtown near the old Montreal Forum. It was a great day to capture some cool architecture in my photographs. One of my favorite things after actually capturing all the images and the walk itself, are processing them with Lightroom and Aurora HDR 2017. Enjoy

Du Fort-Maisonneuve-Lambert Closse 2016-11-12

   Saturday, not as nice as yesterday, Remembrance Day, and very windy but I still went out shooting photos. I parkedon Tupper as I had yesterday and walked to du Fort and then to Maisonneuve, and then took Lambert Closse back to Sainte Catherine. I managed to got some good shots of old buildings entries and roofs, and some grafitti.

Tupper-Sussex to Fort 2016-11-11

  Friday, day off for Remembrance Day, I got up at 7:00am drove my wife to work and went downtown to do some photography. I parked on Tupper near what was the Montreal Children's Hospital. I had been in the area the week before and knew there were a lot of old buildings in the area, and like the architecture.

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