Old Quebec-night time for supper 2016-12-27

  This is the second day here in Quebec, warmer than yesterday, but freezing rain. We went shopping for the day so we could time our visit in the old town so that we could go to Entrecôte Saint Jean for steak and fries, very good. We parked the car in our usual spot and we walked toward the restaurant, shopping and taking photos, this time it was dark out. The window displays and panes of glass really stand out.

Quebec City-Boxing Day 2016-12-26

My wife and I took a couple of days to get away, what better place than than Old Quebec. We stayed out of town about a 20 minute drive, at a very comfortable hotel near shopping and lots of restaurants. The first day in the old city we parked at the indoor lot we always park at, and it was quite cold and windy but bearable. We stopped in a lot of shops, and spent three hours walking around, then went to the hotel and had a snooze. Supper we had at Cage aux Sports near the hotel.   Continued next week

Longueuil Christmas Market - 2016-12-21

We went to visit Saint Mark's Anglican Church in Longueuil, for the Christmas Market held annually. We have been there at least four times, and enjoy it very much except when it is too cold.

Christmas Place des Festival - 12-10-2016

We went to supper downtown tonight to check out Place des Festival and the Christmas Market on St. Catherine. We stopped at the restaurant right near there name Sesame, a Thais, Chinese place that had sczechuan as well, we had orange beef and general tao chicken, it was very good. After that we walked around the market and the Place des Festival.

Rue St Jacques & Sq. Victoria - 12-03-2016

  I went shooting photos today near Square Victoria, great area for architecture, and part of Old Montreal. I don't usually have to walk far to get tons of shots just because there is so much intricate artwork on the buildings.

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