Exporail Rail Museum 2017-02-11

  I went to the Exporail Museum, to see the trains from all ages, from the 1800's to current, totally amazing.

Visit to Ecomuseum, Saint Anne de Bellevue 2017-02-05

  I went to visit the Ecomuseum in Ste-Anne de Bellevue, it is a great place, lots of great animals. Beautiful birds, foxes, Lynx, Eagles, I had a great time and got some nice photos.

Mackay to Crescent 2017-01-06

  I went downtown Friday after dropping my wife off at work, and walked between Saint-Catherine and Maisonneuve between Mackay to Crescent. There is a lot of architecture and Christmas decorations still around, it was sunny and not too cold.

Mount Royal Chalet 2017-01-07

  I asked my wife to come to Mount Royal Chalet, I was going to do some photography at the chalet and the lookout, she came. We had a nice walk, it was a little cool but we were well dressed, and I took some photos of different views of the chalet, and then went over to the lookout to get some shots of Montreal.

Saint-Marc to Guy-Ste. Catherine & Maisonneuve 2017-01-01

  Went downtown yesterday, New Years Day, to do some photography, the sun was out, but it was a little windy, but a nice day. I walked the streets from rue Saint-Marc to rue Guy between Saint Catherine and Maisonneuve. A lot of old buildings and new Concordia buildings as well.

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