Architecture – rue Roy & Saint Denis

I went out yesterday afternoon to get some nice sunset photos around the same area I had visited last weekend. I arrived at around 5:00pm and the sun was already on it’s way down and was bathing the buildings in beautiful light. I got a parking spot on the corner of rue Roy & Saint Denis (Montreal, Quebec) and got my gear together and started to walk looking for photo opportunities. Right next to where I parked was now a government building that must have once belonged to the church and so that is where I started. Here is one of the photos, click on it to open the entire gallery with all the photos, enjoy.

20140412_Rue Roy & Saint Denis_IMG_3494_HDR-M

Architecture Etc. – Near rue Roy and ave Coloniale, Montreal

After doing some shopping in the morning with my wife I went to LL Lozeau, the camera store I frequent having gotten their advertisement that there was a sale on used and old items in stock. Even though it was not a nice day, the skies looked ominous which makes for great contrast in a photo, my wife convinced me to bring along my camera gear anyway. I am glad I did, after visiting the camera store and not buying anything, and even though it had started lightly snowing, I headed for downtown. As I was driving I was passing a lot of colourful buildings and interesting architecture, so I turned around and parked at Roy & Colonial, and took of on foot from there. Here is one of the photos, click on it to open the gallery with the rest of them, enjoy.

20140405_Architecture neat rue Roy & Colonial_IMG_3272_HDR

Westmount – Archecture near Sherbrooke St. & Lansdowne St.

Finally, a warmer day to get outside shooting photos yesterday, it wasn’t sunny but I’ll take that over cold and snow any day. I went to Westmount, first stop, and got photos of the nearby church, the Westmount Library, some old apartment buildings that had names on some of them, pretty cool, and also a photo of the columns at the YMCA of Westmount. From there I went to de Maisonneuve and parked right next to the old Forum, there were some colourful old buildings there. While shooting the photos, I was asked twice why i was taking pictures, first by a store owner thinking I worked for the city and was taking pictures for new construction. The other by a middle aged couple, the man asked why i was taking pictures, he had made a bet with his wife I was taking pictures of the architecture, and that was my answer, so he told his wife she owed him five dollars. Anyway here is one of the photos click on it to open the gallery to see them all, enjoy.

20140329_Westmount Architecture Sherbrooke & Lansdowne_IMG_3112_HDR-M

Canadian Centre for Architecture

It was a beautiful sunny day today in Montreal, but still cold, so once again I headed indoors to get some photos. I visited the Canadian Centre for Architecture, it is attached to a house from the 1860′s I believe and that is where my photos are from as well as one form the entrance. Here is one of the photos, click on it to open the gallery to see all the photos, enjoy.

20140323_Canadian Centre for Architecture_IMG_3028_HDR

Old Montreal / Westmount Redone

I did not get out this weekend to do any photography, yesterday was warm but not great for taking photos from the top of the tower of the Olympic Stadium, and today was too cold to bother trekking over there, next weekend is supposed to be much warmer. I thought of going back to my very first HDR photos, that at the time looked like cartoons, and reprocessing them using the software I work with now, here is one of them, click on it to see the others.

20111029_HDR Old Montreal - Westmount__MG_3058_HDR

St. Joseph’s Oratory

I visited St. Joseph’s Oratory yesterday with my wife, inside and out beautiful architecture is abundant. The main entrance was closed for some reason and so we did not follow the numbered tour, but we visited the Brother AndrĂ© chapel, as well as the chapels, and historic displays in the main building. Here is one of the photos I took, the outside of St. Joseph’s Oratory, click on it to open the photo gallery to see all the photos.

20140308_St. Joseph's Oratory_IMG_2967_HDR

1 Place Ville Marie

I started out this morning very excited having gotten previous permission to photograph at 1 Place Ville Marie, thinking I would be able to photograph inside the building. Boy was I upset when I showed up at the security desk and they informed me that all I could take photos of inside was the entrance and all the exterior of the property, including, 2 to 5 PVM and the plaza, not even the shopping concourse. It was freezing out today and thinking I would be shooting indoors I did not dress that warmly. Well I made the most of it and when I got cold I left. Here is one of the photos click it to open the gallery to see the others, enjoy.

20140301_1 Place Ville Marei & Area_IMG_2814_HDR

The World Trade Center of Montreal

Today I visited the World Trade Center of Montreal, I never knew we had one. I had previously contacted their media people and requested permission to photograph within this grand building. I began photographing before checking in with security to announce my presence, and they were kind enough to offer to escort me anywhere I wanted to go, almost. What a cool building, inside there are two hotels, offices, not sure but I think even housing, restaurants, and stores, all with a food court, and there is even a piece of the Berlin Wall in there. Here is a photo of the one of the entrances, click on it to open the gallery to see the rest of the photos, enjoy.

20140222_World Trade Center Montreal_IMG_2807_HDR

Sunrise Shots

In our new offices at work we have a great view from the sixth floor and so I decided to bring my camera in one day and capture the sunrise.I captured these shots of the sunrise on Friday, January 31, 2014. I got to work early and went to the 5th floor in our new building and was able to catch the sun coming up in the southeast behind the building and get some great sunrise shots. I tried my hand at creating a slideshow video with Youtube and following is the first shot of the series of shots. When you click on it you will open the gallery and can view the video slideshow at Youtube, enjoy.

20140130_Sunrise from Broccolini__MG_2503-M