Photographing In & Around the Ste. Catherine St. Sidewalk Sale

I went downtown to do some photography yesterday, there was a sidewalk sale on Ste. Catherine St. from Atwater all the way to St. Urbain St. I walked the side and parallel streets between de Maisonneuve and René Levesque from City Counsellors St. to Stanley St. taking photographs of architecture, a public piano that you could walk up to and play on the sidewalk, and a cool looking tour bus. It was a beautiful day to be outside, it was sunny with some clouds, not too hot. I am always amazed at how kind people are when photographing with my tripod, most stop until I am done, or wave them through, many ask if they can pass.
Here is one of the photos, click on it to open the gallery with all of the images, enjoy.

20140712_Walking Ste. Catherine Sidewalk Sale_IMG_4936_HDR-M

Fiat Breakout Montreal in Littly Italy

I went to check out the cars on display in Little Italy today on Dante at the car show happening in Little Italy. The entire Dante St. from St. Laurent to Henri Julien, was filled with Ferraris, Fiats, Alfa Romeos, Autobianchis, Abarths, Detomassos, Maserati, and Lancias. Below is one of the photos, just click on it to open the gallery containing them all, enjoy.

20140706_Fiat Breakout MTL 2014_IMG_4826-M

Historical Site – Coteau du Lac

We went to visit relatives camping in Ontario on Saturday for the day, it was a beautiful day, but relatively humid, all in all a great day. I was hoping to do some time lapse photography with water on the lake and clouds in the sky, but their site was not the usual one. On the way home, with the sun descending in the sky I am always looking for photo ops, I saw a sign for a historical site at Coteau du Lac and followed it to the site. It turns out it was the very first lock canal on the St. Lawrence river and the defences and buildings supporting it. Most of the original buildings are only some stones in the ground forming the building foundation, and there were a couple of cannons. Here is a photo of one of the cannons, click on it to open the gallery with the rest of the photos.

20140628_Historic Site Coteau du lac_IMG_4786_HDR-M

Photo Walk and Supper At Three Amigos

My wife and I went downtown for supper last night at Three Amigos Mexican restaurant, and had a great meal there. Before going to the restaurant I wanted to get some photography in that area of downtown. On Guy St. there is a building belonging to the nuns, and other great architectural features on the street. From there we headed down hill toward the Ville Marie Expressway and took Argyle Ave. east toward Lucien Lallier, a lot of great entry’s to photograph, and some bed and breakfast places. We headed back toward René Levesque and back to the car. On the way I found an abandoned building belonging to a parking lot with lots of graffiti, I just had to go in and get some shots. Here is one of the photos from the abandoned garage, click on it to open the gallery to see the rest of the photos, enjoy.

20140621_Photo Walk & Thrre Amigos for Supper_IMG_4741_HDR-M

FIMA Mural & Art Festival Montreal

My wife and I went downtown yesterday morning to run some errands and afterward went to Boul. Saint Laurent which was closed off for many blocks because the Festival International Montréal en Arts was being held there, a perfect photo opportunity. We walked for almost two hours taking in all the artists and sidewalk activities, we had a great italian sausage in a hamburger bun for lunch. There ware many artist’s working in the area on skyjacks perfecting their masterpieces. Saw a lot of great art work as well as murals, I will have to add this to my calendar for next year. Here is one of the photos below, click on it to open the gallery with all the others, enjoy.

20140614_Publc Art-Mural Festival_IMG_4552_HDR-M

Mount Royal Timelapse 2 Park Avenue Lookout

I wanted to try my hand once again at time-lapse photography, so Saturday morning after dropping off my wife to spend the day shopping downtown with her aunt, I headed to the lookout overlooking Park Avenue on Mount Royal and did a 1 hour 300 photo time-lapse session. It isn’t as good as the first, there is much less cloud activity in the sky, but eventually the clouds moved in and some ships went buy, the occasional brown blobs in the video are birds flying by.

Round Stone Windmill & House – 1791

Yesterday I went to a party at my brother and sister in law’s house, and not far from them, as I am always looking for someplace to photograph, sure enough there was. I found nearby an old wind mill at the tip of Ile Perrot, Quebec, that had been built along with a house between 1712 & 1791. This is a National Historic Site, I new I couldn’t get anywhere today because of the Tour de l’Ile and so around just before sunset my nephew and I snuck off to find the place, we found it and although the gates were closed for parking we walked to the tip of the park and found the windmill and the millers house the belongs with it.
Here is one of the photos, just click on it to see the others, enjoy.


Place des Festival

I went downtown with my wife for supper last night to Da Giovanni, after which we headed over to Place des Festival. They had water displays with lights, we went over to the swings with lights on the bottom of them in front of UQAM, they also had light displays on the UQAM building itself, and walked through the Place des Arts Complexe, it was a beautiful night.
Here is one of the photos, click on it to open the gallery to see them all, enjoy.

20140524_Place des Fesitval_IMG_4129_HDR-M


Went out last night around sunset with my wife, threw my camera and tripod in the trunk and headed toward Old Montreal. Part way there I changed my mind, I was feeling tired, so decided to head to the Dairy Queen in Lachine (Quebec), for ice cream, and had asked my wife to show me where the windmill was she said she had seen in Lasalle. So we went to DQ got our ice creams and headed to the windmill.
The Fleming Mill was built in the 1827 from stone and was partially destroyed with time and rebuilt with wood as you can see in one of the photos. Here is the front of the windmill, click on the photo to open the gallery to see both views.

20140518_Windmill in Lachine_IMG_4113_HDR-M

Architecture-West of Guy Between Maisonneuve & Ste. Catherine

I went out last night to catch some sunset rays in my photos. I went to photograph some of the older buildings west of Guy Street, between Maisonneuve, and Ste. Catherine. Some of them are in pretty bad shape, but there were a lot of them still in great condition. My wife was with me and we had a nice time walking downtown. Afterward we headed East to try dinner at the Icehouse, we heard a lot about it and had wanted to try it, glad we did, it was packed, but the food was great. Here is one of the photos I took, click on it to open the gallery to see all the photos, enjoy.

20140517_West of Guy on de Maisonneuve_IMG_4008_HDR-M