Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk – Part 1

Last weekend I participated in author / photographer and CEO of Kelby One, of which I am a member, Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk. This year there were about 19,500 people in 1050 cities across the world who participated in this one day event. Donations by the participants and t-shirt sales profits all go to benefit The Springs of Hope Orphanage in Kenya. The walk is about having fun, camaraderie, and staying safe, with up to 50 other photographers per group. At the end of the walk the group meets at a local restaurant to share their photos, after which you can share them on Flickr in the WWPW group, and if you like, submit one of your photos of your walk to compete for prizes.
Our walk was in Old Montreal, and it turned out to be a beautiful day, I shot a lot of photos so I will split them into two galleries, one here and one next week. Here is the photo I submitted for a prize, click on it to open the gallery to see the rest of the photos, enjoy.

20141011_WWPW_2014_Old Montreal_IMG_9508_tonemapped-M

Sainte Adele – Fall Colors

We went for a drive last weekend to Sainte Adele to get some pictures fall colours, I figured there would be nicer colours up North. Most of the most beautiful colours we saw on the way to our destination. Once there we drove around looking for good photo opportunities and happened on a lake with mountains on the other side. On the way back we stopped for supper at P.F. Chang for Szechwan. Here is one of the photos, click on it to open the gallery with the rest of them, enjoy.

20141004_Sainte Adele - Fall Colors_IMG_6233_tonemapped-M

Notre Dame de Bonsecour Chapel Visit

I have always wanted to go into this church to take some photos, I end up in Old Montreal so many times during the summer, for photography, for supper, or whatever reason, but have never gone in. Well last time I was in Old Montreal for a walk along the pier and supper with my wife I saw some people on the roof in the rear of the church and mentioned to my wife I got to get up there and get some photos. Well I went to the web site of the church and requested to photograph the inside of the church with a tripod owing to the fact that I shoot high dynamic range images using a combination of exposures. After explaining I was using the images for personal use not for commercial, they granted me permission. So off I went the next weekend to photograph the interior, and the exterior from the lookout on the roof of the adjoining museum. Here is one of the photos from the interior, click on it to open the gallery to see all the photos, enjoy.


Botanical Gardens – Gardens of Light

We went out for supper last weekend for Szechwan and afterward when to visit a new exhibit at the Botanical Gardens, called Gardens of Light that run from dusk until 9:00pm every day until November 2, 2014. It is amazing figurines of animals, birds, people of different cultures, all through the park. One of the most beautiful exhibits is in the Chinese Garden, there are many lanterns hanging, light up ships of old on the water, would recommend for anyone in Montreal area to see. Here is the photo of the ships on the pond, click on it to open the gallery to see them all, enjoy.

20140920_Botanical Garden-Gardens of Light_IMG_6083_2_1hdr-M

Architecture – Latin Quarter East of Sanguinet & Ste. Catherine St.

We went to supper at the Icehouse in Plateau Mont Royal, Tex Mex, and Southern food, really good. Beforehand went walking east of Sanguinet between de Maisonneuve, and René Levesque, exploring the area for architectural photos. I had already planned the walk by checking the area on the Maps app on my iPad, there was a church, old buildings with great entrances, and on St. Denis St. there was the facade only of an old church. Here is one of the stained glass windows inside that church, click on it to open the gallery to see all the photos, enjoy.

20140906_Latin Quarter East Sanguinet_IMG_5972_3_4hdr-M

View of Montreal from The Olympic Tower at Sunset

I went to the Olympic Tower on August 30, 2014 in hopes of catching the sunset and getting some nice shots of Montreal and the area around the Olympic Tower. Little did I know that it was packed with tourists, busloads, but I was told to push through them and there was another line of individuals beyond the groups. I had to wait for the funicular to go up three times before it was my turn. Once I got up I ran to the closest window set up my tripod and started shooting and then moved on to the other viewing areas. It was quite busy up there but I managed to get a spot to setup everywhere I went to see another area. What a view, as I continued around the different viewing areas, the sun slowly descended and I began to see that beautiful orange light of sunset. I got a lot of great shots, only to be disappointed when I got home and started processing the raw files to see how filthy some of those windows were, so I had to scrap a lot of the photos, or crop out the bad sections of some otherwise decent shots. Below is a great shot of the sunset sky looking North, just click on it to open the gallery and see the rest of the photos, enjoy.

20140830_Olympic Tower Views_IMG_5863_4_5hdr-M

Pointe a Calliere – 18th Century Public Market 2014

A couple of week ago we went to check out the 18th Century Public Market held by Pointe a Calliere museum, and then went for supper afterward. I went last year as well, it is pretty cool seeing all the people dressed in 18th Century garb, characters such as priests, butchers, bakers, etc. We had a great time, there were also marching militia men, and fake canon firing. Here is one photo of a craftsman carving out a bowl, click on it to open the gallery to see all the photos, enjoy.

20140823_18th  Century Market_IMG_5828_7_6hdr-M

Montreal’s Latin Quarter – Commissioned Graffiti

I heard there was going to be some artists painting graffiti in the Latin Quarter of Montreal three weeks ago, and wanted to go take some photos of the graffiti, but decided to wait until the week after to get the finished murals. I walked east from St. Laurent a block above and below Ste. Catherine and there was graffiti everywhere on the front, side and backs of the buildings they had painted. They even painted some waste containers, here is one of my favourite, click on it to open the gallery with the rest of the photos, enjoy.

20140816_Grafitti and Architechture - Latin Quarter_IMG_5693_HDR-M

Boston Architecture – Part 3

This is the final post of the photos of architectural shots I had taken in Boston on vacation this year, thanks for hanging in, it is such a great place to see and photograph. I will have new photos for next weeks post that I took in the Latin Quarter, stay tuned. Below is a photo one of a great statue we saw before entering the Massachusetts State House, click on it to see all the photos, enjoy.

20140724_Boston-Vacation 2014_IMG_5648_HDR-M

Boston Architecture Part 2

As I mentioned last week I have many photos of architecture from out trip to Boston, here is the second instalment of three. These are photos from downtown Boston, as well as photos from our visit to Salem, a great place to visit with just as many historic buildings. Below is a photo of the inside of a church we were invited into by the caretaker who saw me photographing the outside of the church. It is the first church built in Salem, click on it to see all the photos, enjoy.

20140723_Boston-Vacation 2014_IMG_5501-M