Inside and Out McGill Metro & Area

I had gone downtown to the McGill Metro to photograph the art that I had read was within that metro station. I walked all over the metro and only saw one item that I had read was there. I even went outside and went in through another entrance, went into the underground concourses, nothing. So I ventured outdoors to do some photography of some of the local architecture, below is a gallery of the photos including an funky lineup of suits on sale, enjoy.

20150110_McGill Metro & Area_IMG_0260_DxO-M

Churches-Rue Adam-Montreal East End

Last Friday before heading back to work next week, and although it was cold, the sun was out and so I headed to the East end (Montreal) near Pie IX and Notre Dame to photograph some church exteriors at sunset. One of them had the front under construction and so I was only able to get side views. I have a contact page if you would like to purchase any of my photos. Click on the photo below to open the gallery with the rest of the photo’s, enjoy.

20150102_Churches - Rue Adam-Eat Montreal_IMG_0242_DxO-M

Jacques Cartier Bridge~Maison du Gouverneurs~Sureté Québec

I went downtown to photograph some buildings that interested me that I have driven by many times, at sunset, to capture them bathed in that beautiful orange glow. I parked on a side street and walked to get the first three photos, and then drove to the last one, I had spotted this T-shaped building on my Maps app on my Mac Book Pro, and was interested in photographing it, little did I know that it was the Sureté Québec offices, and was slightly intimidated, and that possibly if I was spotted they would not let me photograph the building. Here is the photo of the Jacques Cartier bridge, click on it to see the others, enjoy. If you would like to purchase any of my photos just go to my Contact Page and drop me an email.

20141229_Jacques Cartier Bridge, Maison des Gouverneurs, Sureté Québec_IMG_0173_DxO-M

Place des Arts and Peel Metro’s

I get MTLBlog posts by email during the week with what is happening around Montreal, where to get the best of ______ whatever it may be, coffee, onion rings, etc. So I happened to see on one of them photos from different Montreal metros and the different types of art at particular stations. So I headed out by car and parked near Place des Arts Metro, I took a couple of photos nearby, got a coffee at Tim Horton’s, and then headed into the metro, and found the first two shots. Then I got on the subway and got off at Peel metro, where I read there were, I believe 54 ceramic circles on the walls and floors throughout the station. I didn’t seek them all out but rather shot a few different ones at different entrances into the station. Next I hopped on the subway to go back to my car, and when I came out at Place des Festival, I saw all these triangular shapes with different coloured lights in them, slowly spinning, and that is the final photo. The first photo is painted on the facade of a building, taken on an angle, of some graffiti that has been there for as long as I can remember back to when I was a kid, click on it to open the gallery to see all the images, enjoy.

20141227_Place Des Arts & Peel Metro & Area_IMG_0118hdr-M

Sunset Shots at Cap Saint-Jacques

I got to Cap Saint-Jacques just as the sun was almost down, the sun went down behind the trees by the time I parked and setup, I still took 3 sets of bracketed photos anyway. It was only when I got home and transferred the photos to my computer did I notice the great oranges, yellows, and blues I captured in the sky amongst the clouds. here is one of the photos, click on it to open the gallery to see all three, if you scroll through them fast you will see the clouds moving, enjoy.

20141222_Sunset Cap Saint-Jacques_IMG_0091_DxO-M

China Town & Old Montreal Re-Stylized

I am always trying to improve my post processing of the raw images that come out of my camera, and seeing as how I just got some new software that works with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC 2014, called DxO Optics I thought I would revisit some photos I shot last summer. DxO Optics is amazing software that the company who creates it, and now version 10, perform all sorts of lab tests on different combinations of cameras and lenses, to get you the best, sharpest, noise free images possible. The photos were taken last summer in Chinatown and Old Montreal. I have reprocessed them knowing now what I did not then, here is one of the photos, click on it to open the gallery with the rest of the images, enjoy.

20130601_Chinatown & Old Montreal__MG_0784_DxO-M

Longueuil Traditional Christmas Market

Last weekend we joined relatives to visit the Longueuil Traditional Winter Festival and then we went our for supper afterwards and had a really great time. This is the third year we have attended the Christmas Market which sells all kinds of baked goods, furs, clothing, etc., the temperature was great this year it was not too cold as in previous years. Here is one of the photos from the Christmas Market, click on it to open the gallery with the rest of the images, enjoy.

20141213_Longueuil Winter Festival_IMG_0072-M

Churches & Architecture area around rue Ontario & Fullum

I was doing research on my iPad Map app to find someplace to do some photography and ended up in the area just east of the Jacques Cartier Bridge around rue Ontario and Fullum. I drove to a few places in the area as well as walked to photograph some churches and other architecture in the area. It is very full of places to photograph and I plan on going back soon to get more photos. Here is a photo that I was able to get due to the fact that I just purchased a new ultra wide angle lens, I am loving the view I am able to get that I was never able to get before. I will have to revisit some sites I have previously photographed to get the wide angle, click on the photo below to open the gallery with all the photographs in it, enjoy.

20141129_Churches & Architecture Fullum--Ontario Area_IMG_0009hdr-2-M

View of Montreal from South Shore, Quebec

I have always wondered how to got to the road by the marina in Longueuil, so I can get some photos of downtown Montreal from there. Well I finally looked into getting there and went there on a Saturday afternoon to catch the sunset. By the time I got there it had gotten cloudy, when I got out of the car, it began to hail, I still managed to get some photos of the pier area of Old Montreal and a shot of the Olympic Stadium, here is one of the four images I managed to get with the hail coming down, click on it to open the gallery and see the other three.

20141122_Marie Victorin Parc_IMG_9982hdr-3-M-M

Photo Walk-St. Hubert near boul. Rosemont, Montreal, Quebec

Driving by to drop off my camera to have it serviced for cleaning, I saw some great detail on the roofs of the buildings so I decided to go back and photograph that. So after picking up my camera from servicing I went over and parked the car and walked up and down the block photographing some very nice architectural details. Here is one of the photos, click on it to open the gallery to see all the photos, enjoy.

20141122_Rue St. Hubert near Boul. Rosemont_IMG_9944hdr-M